All coffee beans are packaged in 16 oz. foil-lined bags with a one-way valves for CO2 release. Orders always roasted and shipped within 3 days of placing your order.

Brazil Joao de Campos
A full-natural processed Brazilian. Chocolate and cherry aroma. Smooth nutty flavor.

Colombia Alto del Obispo
A wonderful coffee from Colombia. Rich tobacco aroma with a nice nutty smooth finish in the cup.

El Salvador 'Yellow Bourbon' Natural Proc.
A really cool micro lot of 100% yellow bourbon varietal coffee from El Salvador. Very nice, sweet, mellow flavor profile with orange blueberry in the cup.

Espresso Vela
Sweet fruits, hints of nuts and chocolate.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gr. 2
This wet processed coffee from one of Ethiopians most famous growing regions showcases the best Ethiopia has to offer.

Guatemalan Antigua CHIXOT
Direct Trade from the Antigua growing region of Guatemala. Very full bodied flavor, smooth mouthfeel and subtle fruits undertones.

Mexico Chiapas Co-op Udepom  Fair Trade  Organic
The Chiapas is back! Still smooth, still chocolaty and, if possible, even sweeter. Medium body.

Peru Via Alta
As good as, if not better than as any Guatemalan I've tried this year. Very nice acidity, very clean with vanilla, orange and berry notes in the cup.

Sumatran Grade One Mandheling
Huge rich body, earthy but not musty, herbal and sweet chocolate.


Guatemalan Decaf
Light-bodied, very easy to drink, sweet and full of fruity flavors.


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