Gunpowder Green

So named because the young tea leaves are rolled into tight little green balls resembling gunpowder. When brewing, placing the balls into boiling water causes them to open up like flowers and float or to sink slowly to the bottom in patterns of dark and lighter greens. At one point in our history Gunpowder was very popular. In 1860, imported Gunpowder accounted for two-thirds of all tea imported to America from China. Gunpowder is also high in flouride, so it's good for your breath and teeth.

Preparation: Use 1 gram of tea for 3 oz of water. Green teas can be delicate or hardy. The gunpowder can be brewed similarly to a black tea. I recommend a steeping temp of 190 - 200 F for 4 - 5 min. At the most, you can get 2 quality infusions before the tea must be replaced.

How much?

Weight Price
8 oz $11.00
16 oz $19.00


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