Assam FTGFOP Black

Assam is located in the Brahmaputra Valley of India's far northeast corner. The discovery of the Assam variety growing wild in Northern India in the 1820's sparked interests commercially and a has since resulted in Assam becoming the largest tea growing area of the world. Assam accounts for nearly half of total production in India. Expect a brisk tea with great body and malty flavor with citrus tones.

FTGFOP: Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. Pekoe (pronounced pee-koh) translates to 'white down' and refers to the fine white hairs on the young leaf bud. The Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe refers to whole leaf tea of exceptional quality with the second largest number of tips, proportionally, available.

Preparation: Use 1 gram of tea for 3 oz of water. Black tea is hardier and requires a steeping temp of 200 - 210 F for NO MORE than 4 min as black tea becomes very astringent if overextracted. High quality black teas are usually good for 2 quality infusions before the tea must be replaced.

How much?

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8 oz $16.00
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