Tanzania Ruvuma AAA

I have no idea why the AAA tastes so much different from the AA fromt he same Co-op, but it does and I'm very happy with it. It's really somewhere between a high quality Kenyan and Ethiopian Yirgachefe coffee, very like tea like body with nice floral and fruit flavors. Probably my favorite right now (until the Candelaria gets in I'm sure).

How much?

Weight Price
1 lbs $11.00
2 lbs $22.00
3 lbs 5% off $31.35
4 lbs 5% off $41.80
5 lbs 10% off $52.25

How would you like it ground?

Great for every day drip coffee, including pour overs.
Fine ground for stove top percolators and espresso machines.
French Press/Toddy
For use in French Press and home Toddy brewers only.
Whole Bean
Keep it whole and grind it yourself for fresher quality.


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