Oh Yeah!

12/31/12 3:47pm

I almost forgot. I switched importers. With only a few exceptions, I now recceive the majority of my coffees though Steve at Bodhi Leaf Coffee imports.  Pretty much mirroring my company model exactly, Steve has a smaller holding of much higher quality coffees. While slightly more expensive, I feel this is the best model for a roaster/importer. It keeps you inventory fresh as well as insure you are picking the best of the best. Look forward to some real gems in the future as I work with Steve to bring you some of the best coffee available. Perioid. 


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New Year, New News!

12/31/12 3:36pm

A lot has happened since my last blog post so I'll just get right into it.

As many of you have heard the Phoenix Public Market colsed down. Since both Hayes, of Royal Coffee, and I were subletting space under them we both had to leave. Hayes already had another shop at the Biltmore, and has more recently opened a 2nd shop at the Biltmore and is working on the build-out for a 3rd shop at Herritage Square park in downtown Phoenix. I wish him the best and we will,hopefully, continue to work together to bring you amazing coffees in the future at all of his locations.


As for me, I had to move as well. Unfortanely, the news came somewhat suddenly and with nowhere to put my roaster I eventually had to put the roaster away in storage and am currently roasting on a very similar Roaster at Tonatierra Co-op. Conveniently located 6 blocks east of the Public Market location, Tonatierra is a grass roots co-op that that works with indegenious peoples of the Americas, focusing primarily on the indegenous people of Central American. Going into everything they do would take too much time but feel free to check out their website for additional information. 


Lastly, My good friend Sam Clark, of Lo Fi Coffee, has finished work on Mud Dauber Coffee, a downtown location which I will be running/managing. Located off the southwest corner of 16th st and Cypress, inside the Hive compound. We are still working out all the kinks, but for now we are open 7am-4pm Monday - Saturday. I will be showcasing a lot of future coffees through Mud Dauber and this location will be my new pick up spot for anyone wanting to order coffee for pickup instead shipping. 


Anyways, that's it for now. 


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Updated Coffee holdings and Other things.

02/08/12 6:15pm

Hi everyone. I just finally went through my coffee list and updated everything. I have some really really cool coffees in right now so I would suggest you try some of them while they last. Central American and some African coffees are about to hit our shores in the next 2 months so expect some really nice  stuff in the coming few months. Also, the market has finally stabalized and this year looks like a record harvest from Brazil so we definitely have a lot to look forward to. 


Also, for anyone who wants to, check out my facebook for more updates and whatnot.






Laurie Dancer  (
OK, I admit it - I'm hooked. Not only does Randy make the BEST loose leaf teas in the world, but OMG have you smelled your kitchen when they are brewing??? Ginger Peach and Blueberry are to die for. Keep up the great work Randy. Let's take this National! Hugs

SSL finally taken care of and other things

10/26/11 11:07am

Hey guys. I finally took care of the SSL certificate thing. SOrry it took so long but I went ahead and paid for it 3 years out so it shouldn't be a problem for awhile.


As for other news, I am expecting a new shipment of coffee today or tomorrow so expect new coffee and descriptors to be coming soon. I got some exciting stuff so I'll try to upload the data as soon as I am able. 


I have picked up another client. Purfetto cafe is actually a trio of cafe's at the moment and I will be adding them to my locations section soon as well.


Lastly, Lo Fi Coffee in Mesa is doing really well. I have begun to work on Tuesdays out there. It's going on about 5 months and I think we've really dialed in that Frankenstein-Machine at this point. When I was there yesterday, we were getting some really good shots of espresso.  

The machine is an older Nuova Simonelli and since we've purchased the machine we have replaced the steam wand assembly, pump, motor, 2 soloniods and a number of other small parts on it to get it up and running smoothly.  I'll take some pictures of it the next time I am out there. 


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Coffee Prices from the front

06/08/11 11:26pm

An interesting blog has been posted by one of my coffee importers regarding the current situation in coffee prices and the coffee market. I encourage you to check it out here


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LoFi Coffee website and coffee shop

06/07/11 6:25pm

My good friend Sam is getting ready to open a new shop in Mesa, LoFi Coffee. He launched the website, Facebook, and twitter accounts recently. Check them out as they contain a lot of information if you're interested. They will be carrying Xanadu coffee and are my first shop in Mesa. Also, I will be putting in some shifts there so come by to check it out. Lastly, shortly after opening we will begin a toddy jar exchange program for anyone interested in obtaining 64 oz jars of toddy concentrate for their house.   That's it for now. As the opening date looms I will continue to add information. Thanks for reading all!!


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Webste Gets New Look!

12/18/10 1:19pm


David worked hard to get the website a newer fresh look so let me know what you think.


Also, I have updated all of my coffee prices to reflect the current market. This fall, the price has jumped significantly to it's highest price since 1997. To give you some perspective, just since February of this year, the coffee futures market has increase 76%. Up until now, I was hesitant to increase my prices because the market being the way it is, it could easily decrease at any point in time, unfortunately I have now gone through 5 ordering cycles with the increased price and I just can't put raising my prices any longer. It may also interest you to know that every other roaster in Phoenix has either increased price or decreased the quality of their beans (which I will not do), as well as every large coffee franchise you can think of: Starbucks, Intellegencia, Stumptown, Green Mountain Roasters, etc. That being said, I hope you will also understand that if/when the market comes back down (some experts are saying it won't for the forseeable future), I will again adjust my prices to reflect that. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but in my own opinion. $11, is still a great price for fresh roasted quality packaged coffee :-). 



C. Clevenger, Business Manager, Sharlot Hall Museu  (
Rising coffee costs is why it's a good idea to subscribe to a monthly delivery. Case in point - Sharlot Hall Museum purchases it's coffee for the museum staff and all of it's events from Xanadu. We place our annual subscription for monthly delivery every fall. We placed our current order back in October of 2010, when coffee prices were lower. So, we are now getting our coffee for the lower price, rather than the new increased price! It's always better to buy when the cost is less - so be smart, and subscribe now before the prices go up again! On another note, the Museum staff and guests at our festivals, fundraisers, etc. all love Randy's coffee! They actually start to panic if they think we're running out. I've been told many times that there's no way we could ever go back to "supermarket" coffee - not after drinking Xanadu's heavenly brew. I've spoiled them witht he good stuff, it seems!

More Changes Coming!!!

11/16/10 11:26am

and I'm not just talking about the coffee market :-). I recently purchased the domain for xanaducoffee.com so I am working hard with David, the webmaster, this week to recamp the website. I'll be streamlining some processes, changing prices, adding more content, and adding more promo's to launch the new website. Please check back later this week for a new, sleeker website.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot I have moved the roaster again to another location and am working on a few big deals right now, so I will definitely let everyone know as soon as I have more solid information to give.


Until then, check out the current offerings and enjoy.


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New Update

08/24/10 2:22pm

It's been awhile and a ton has happened so I figured it'd be a good time to update my website and facebook. Somethings that have happened lately.


I picked up 2 bags of thPCCA Winner the year, the Guatmalan Huehuteneango San Cristobal. It's extremely tasty so head over to the coffee section and get some before it runs out!


I have moved my roaster... again. In what seems like a very tumultuous summer I just finished moving my roaster for the second time to the wharehouse behind the Farmersa Market in downtown Phoenix. Although, it's still a little cramped things are going really well and I think this is going to be the location I stick with, hopefully, until I open my own coffee shop. I'll upload some pictures when the ducting finally gets done.


And finally, I updated my holding. I still have a lot of the same coffee, but new crops are coming in so I updated the co-ops and summaries for each.


Enjoy and email if you have any questions.


Dorina  (
That's ALL that happened this summer? :)

New Coffee shops and limited offerings

06/29/10 1:19pm

Lets start with the good news. 


I picked up a new cafe in Prescott. Bada Beanz has been added to my list.They have the best in house pastries and a really cool shop so check them out when you get a chance!

Ben, Sylvia, and I are currently working on opening an evening cafe off 7st and Sheridan. This is really exciting but we're still working on all the details so stay tuned for more infor on that.


Bad news:


Uffortunately coffee prices have taken off and are unreasonably high right now. Expect a tight supply of coffee beans until they come back down a bit. On the positive note, new coffees are finally coming in from Ethiopia so expect some great coffees once we get back on track.



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